Slap Bands: Fun Promotional Wristbands

Author: Tracey Bergstrom-Hewitt   Date Posted:18 February 2020 

Slap Bands; a childhood favourite for many, and still a popular option for a fun promotional item.

Slap Bands most often come in a reflective PVC material with a felt material backing for comfort. Here at ID Branding we also offer an alternative style in purely silicone material.

A really great feature of our silicone slap bands is that the material colour can be closely matched to almost any Pantone colour you choose, and as a special option we can also provide "glow in the dark" silicone material.

As Slap Bands can be taken on and off freely and easily transferred between people, we don't recommend them for guest identification or security admission purposes. They are best suited to displaying and promoting a logo, brand name or message.

Who says promotional products can't be fun?

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