Promotional Pens & Pencils: Write On!

Author: Tracey Bergstrom-Hewitt   Date Posted:18 February 2020 

That feeling when you find your perfect pen.

It fits so nicely in your hand, it glides across the page, and it just makes your life that little bit easier. When it finally runs out of ink there's a little twinge of sadness, knowing that your next pen won't quite be the same.

Maybe you have a favourite stylus pen protecting your device's screen from fingerprints, or let's not forget about the humble pencil! Satisfyingly sharpened to a fine point and ready to make its mark. With best friend eraser always close-by, ready to clear any mistakes made along the way.

What if those positive feelings could also be attached to your brand?

By printing or engraving your logo or message on to our wide assorted range of pens and pencils, your customers can have a constant, practical reminder on their desk, in their pocket, or behind their ear every single day.

We've got a huge range of pens and pencils to choose from, so to make things a bit easier we've handpicked a range of popular styles at different price points that you can order directly through our website, you can check them out here.

Or if you'd like to browse the full range, you can check it out here.

As always, you can get in touch with us either directly through our online chat bubble, by using our Enquiry Form, sending an email to, or giving us a call on 0490 744 325.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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