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Author: Tracey Bergstrom-Hewitt   Date Posted:18 February 2020 

Conference and exhibition events are a great opportunity to network and to promote yourself or your brand.

On the other side; when organising a conference or exhibition event it is crucial to effectively promote the event and the venue, and also your sponsors and their brands.

ID Branding has a wide range of products that are perfectly suited to conference and exhibition events, for both organisers and guests alike.

Tote Bags; Practical promotional items that are great for displaying brands and messages while holding all of your stuff! Available in a range of colours, shapes, materials and sizes to suit any event.

Pens & Pencils; A great and practical way to promote your brand or event, with custom printed or engraved pens and pencils available in a wide range of colours and styles.

Button Badges & Lapel Pins; Button badges are a fun way to promote your brand or message, with bright full colour print they can be worn on clothes, attached to tote bags or attached to pretty much anything that you don't mind putting a hole through! Lapel pins strike a more serious tone than button badges, and are most often used to commemorate anniversaries or achievements.

Key Rings; Super practical promotional items, key rings are universal and always useful, so you can be sure your brand or message will always be seen.

Stress Shapes; Another fun way to promote your brand or event and great for corporate clients, stress shapes come in a range of different styles from soccer balls to fish to apples and aeroplanes, you're bound to find something to suit your brand or message.

Also be sure to check out our entire Promotional Product range here.

If there is a particular product you cannot find on our website, discuss your requirements with us and we may be able to source it for you.

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