Barcode & RFID Wristbands

Event organisers constantly face the security issue of correct identification of visitors, guests or staff with controlling their access to an event or location. Single use wristbands with barcoding or RFID tags improves the accuracy of identification.

At ID Branding we understand this and can assist the event organiser to distribute and track wristbands during the course of an event. The Excel file supplied with each batch of wristbands clearly identifies:

  • The User Identifier (UID) of each RFID inlay
  • The associated barcode or QR code (as supplied by the customer)
  • Details of any other variable alpha numeric data (as supplied by the customer)


Regulatory security requirements are creating a demand for greater traceability. RFID tags and/or barcode identification on wristbands can provide cost effective traceability and real time control to meet security, regulatory requirements.

In addition to the security aspect, RFID and barcoding can capture valuable data that can provide marketing options.


Access Control:

Using RFID technology to control access at events can deliver benefits such as:

  • Eliminate fraud, fake wristbands and unwanted transfers
  • Reduce queuing times and staff numbers
  • Obtain real-time, zone specific attendance numbers

Cashless Payments:

  • Gives event organiser control over revenues
  • Patrons enjoy a convenient and secure method of payment
  • Real time sales reporting
  • Reduce queuing and transaction times
  • Cost saving from handling cash

Social Media Integration:

By linking patrons’ RFID wristbands with their online social profile, events can be promoted through the digital world increasing customer relationship and their event experience to a larger audience.

Other benefits include:

  • New revenue streams for organisers and sponsors
  • Real time promotions before, during and also after an event
  • Giving patrons the ability to login, “Like” and “Tweet” using their wristband

For more information and quotes on your specific requirements please contact our friendly and helpful staff.