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A Wide Variety of Plastic ID Card Holders to Suit Your Needs

Identification requires some type of medium to attach the ID or credential to the promotional lanyard or other form of display. At ID Branding, we supply a broad range of products to answer this need. We offer various styles of ID holder, from clear soft PVC pockets to plastic clip-in ID badge holders. We hold in stock some of the more common sizes, but we can also supply special sizes and multi-pocket designs by request.

In addition to ID holders we also supply plastic or laminated ID cards and credentials. Our graphics department can readily assist you in creating unique and eye-catching designs that will surely set your IDs apart.

Soft or Rigid ID Card Holder for Reliable ID Card Protection

As experienced providers of various items for corporate identification and branding, we continually strive to give our clients variety and innovation with every product. Thus our line of plastic ID card holders come in a number of different types (soft or rigid), shapes, orientations and sizes, to ensure that every client gets the ideal one for their needs. What’s more, these can be customised to your specifications. You can be sure of long-term, reliable use as these are all made with durable, high quality materials and manufactured to exacting standards.

Retractable ID Badge Holder for Quick and Easy Access

If convenience and ease of use are what you’re looking for, we also have great options for you. We offer retractable ID badge holders that are perfect for those who need their IDs to be as unobtrusive to them as possible, yet can easily be retrieved when needed.

Our retractable range not only acts as a convenient ID carrying solution, but can be promotional as well. They can vary in colour, shape and even in printing options, so you can choose to have your company logo on each one.

So if you’re in need of an ID holder, ID Branding is definitely the name to call. View our selection of products below and click on them for more details. You can also check our other products pages if you’d like to know more about our promotional button badges and other custom promotional products.


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